Turn-key social media business - no experience needed

How It Works

Sign-up Businesses

Sign-up businesses

Get businesses to do the assessment.

We do the work

Easily Manage

Content feeds make it a cinch to do hundreds of posts in minutes.

Provide extras

Provide extras

Provide businesses with extra features including reputation monitoring, sweepstakes and social deals

Pocket 100% of sales

Pocket 100% of sales

You set your own pricing and keep 100% of your sales.

What You Get

Branded Website

Branded Website

You will have a trendy marketing website setup on your own domain. The website has the services you provide, assessment requests, plans and pricing, client logins and much more.

Social Software

Social Software

Enjoy state of the art social software that allows you to manage a weeks worth of a business’s social media in minutes. Also monitor their online reputation, build giveaways, sweepstakes and social deals.

Marketing Material

Marketing Material

SocialOwl provides pre-designed marketing material that you can use with prospective businesses. We also provide other material such as; business assessments, tips and more.

Client Portal

Client Portal

You have control over what your business clients can view in the client portals. Everything from just viewing analytics, to letting them manage their own social media and online reputation.

Our Experts

Our Experts & Content

SocialOwl has social media experts that provide you with the knowledge and content that you will need to easily manage a local businesses social media. You do not need any social media experience.

Ongoing Training

Ongoing Training

SocialOwl continually provides phone, email and webinar support. You will also have access to training documents and tons of online tutorials.

The Numbers

Flat monthly fee

To develop a platform like SocialOwl 'in house', you would need to spend $250k minimum -- that, coupled with the time it will take to build your platform, as well as the time it takes to acquire a knowledge base in social media, makes our 'turn-key' solution a 'no brainer'. We provide everything you need to 'hit the ground running' for a low flat monthly reseller fee. Your cost is as low as $1.25 per business!

Set your plans & pricing

Because this is 100% your own business, you can charge businesses whatever you would like. Therefore, you can create your own plans and pricing that will display on your marketing website. Also, businesses are able to signup directly through your marketing site.

Keep 100% of your sales

Since we only charge a flat monthly reseller fee, you collect and keep 100% of what businesses pay you! You will not find an opportunity with this potential anywhere!

Unlimited potential

Social Media Management is exploding! Businesses need your help. With SocialOwl’s turn key social media business, your opportunity is endless. The simple low monthly reseller fee, allows you to have a very high profit margin with little expense.

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Income potential

Due to local businesses huge demand for social media services, your income potential is not only endless, but unmatchable.

Revenue from one Business*


Revenue from fifty Businesses*


*These results are not guaranteed and are estimates only.

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